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For Video and image analytics

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VEDAX builds GPU-accelerated deep learning applications and is an NVIDIA technology partner

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Our story

VEDA is inspired by VEDA sutras, one of the six sutras that effect humanity and the root of Buddhist scriptures. VEDA means "knowledge".

X means mystery, exploring the universe and the world.

VedaX is our Artificial Intelligence platform developed with the mission of building the knowledge to explore the world to bring better life for humanity.


Who we are




Video channel feeds management

AI model training Platform

AI engine functions

AI rule base configuration

AI front end application

Clients and partnerships

System architecture


VedaX Video management backend system

Stream management software manages & provide live video stream from camera to AI analysis server

Keys funtions

Manage, monitor & control all video stream

Schedule recording, event recording, provide access for live stream & playback Manage live stream server, storage server

AI model training backend

Manage training process. Each project can have many training processes using different models, such as tensorflow model, caffe model...

Tag mode: Enables labeling mode, allowing users to create labels for the objects in the image and assign labels to those boxes

AI functions backend

Use algorithms such as detect, tracking, speed, behavior etc

AI rule config backend

Create virtual fencing, zone, setting timer, calculate time, speed, tracking zone etc.

AI system management backend

Manage the system; allocate computing resources & computing flow for performance optimization.

System Monitor


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